About Jen

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Hi I’m Jen and this is my unconventional journey navigating expat life, entrepreneurship learning lessons, and everything else in between.

I am a proud Deg Hitán Athabascan Native American woman ~ an Indigenous gal from rural Alaska.  I currently live in Greenland with my Danglish family.  This is the second country I’ve lived in outside of my motherland.  I’m a wife, working mama, storyteller, and digital content creator.  I tend to approach life with intention and an appreciation for Indigenous wellness, spirit, subsistence living, & all things Arctic life.  I have an MBA and experience in executive corporate management.  My work has included strategic business management, social media consulting, personal branding, legal ease proofreading, photography, contracting, and content marketing strategy.  Yes, I’m that person that has done all the things.

Do you know what lights my fire?  I LOVE the written word.  I have the books to prove it.  I’m an avid reader  and book hoarder.  It is my hope to one day write my own book.  Until then, check out my blog.  My life is anything but boring and I tend to have no filter.

Basically, I’m just a girl from Alaska with big dreams.  A lover of stories, words, wine, my family, Milo & food.  I’ve been keeping it real since big hair was in;)   


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